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Kis-My-Ft2 - Wink Up April 2006 and Kyoumoto Masaki - Speak - October 17th Entry

Kyoumoto-papa updated his blog again and wrote about his feelings on KisuMai's MS performance and he had me bawling. He seriously supports KisuMai so much ;~; And like his words...

( Above all...everyone's smiles were sparkling and shining )

Then, because Kanazawa shows start in like, just a few minutes.

Translation. It seems like the older four and the younger four started Enbujou'06 rehearsals at different times so while older four focus more on Enbujou, younger four reflects on DB'06 and what they're doing in their spare time. Tama, I'm sure just watching someone practice won't make you be able to do a backflip. Poor Miyacchi who struggled to catch up while everyone just immerse themselves in games instead of helping him. Iida studies theatre stuff in university, and Wataru hangs out with Kawai. The highlight? Fujigaya-mama is Tackey's fan. The rule for her son is no hitting Takizawa-kun with a sword

( My mother went to see that solo concert too, and she was really excited saying "Takizawa-kun looked at me with a really great smile!" Regarding my Benkei, no reaction (laughs). )
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