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Kis-My-Ftに逢える de Show in 金沢

Mh, finally finished report on Kanazawa. Mainly MC stuff, though there are some random tidbits from the songs and whatnot. Lots of HiroSuke interaction yo.

They also confirmed what Senga had was influenza when he couldn't appear in Sendai cons. Lots of MS talk, like Hiro's almost-fall being Matrix. A new character known as Gaga-sama XD They're such dorks, seriously.

( Miyacchi encouraging HiroSuke indirect kiss is like, the best thing ever )

Edit: Very well, addtional stuff.

November Shokuras.
KisuMai singing Tension for one episode and Tama sings T Song 1 -Can Try- then, group sings Hair for another episode. Also they backdance for Tackey during Hikari Hitotsu.
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