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[MOD] Profile pictures contest

Okay since many people were interested about this, now that we have shiny new banners, let's have a competition for the new profile pictures also! By the profile pictures I mean the Kisumai member individual pictures that are attached to their personal information section on the profile page.

Again, everyone feel free to take part in the contest if interested! You can contribute as many different profile pictures as you want!

Here are the rules for the pictures...

- The material used for the profile pictures should be from 2009 (to have the pictures recent enough)

- The pictures should be from the same photoshoot (or pamphlet etc) to keep the pictures similar with each other

- The picture size should be 100x100 ~ 180x180 in size (anything between that goes, it doesn't have to be square either, 100x180 works perfectly too, so just use the shape best fitting for the pictures you choose)

You can also use material from videos if you so wish, but please make sure the pictures are clear enough, and we would ask that the pictures are from the same performance/episode in that case.

The last day for contributing the photos is November 7th (Saturday). Please post the pictures in a comment to this post. Have fun ^_^ Please ask if you have any questions.
*goes to write her essays*
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