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[one-shot] Understanding (TamaMiya)

Title: Understanding

Fandom: Kis-My-Ft2 (member-ai & TamaMiya)

Rating: PG

Genre: Drama(?)

Summary: My way of dealing with watching the last Kobe show where Miyata got hurt.

A/N: Ok. So I went to several of this weekend’s concerts in Kobe. At the final concert, Miyata fell and was limping around the stage, leaning against the various poles and platforms, and when they had to put the skates back on, he didn’t do any of the difficult stuff. It was rather painful to watch. Then, when it was Tama’s turn to sing his solo song, I nearly died when Miyata didn’t come out to dance with Nika, Senga, and Kitayama. He didn’t reappear until the last song of the concert, which meant he’d missed majority of the second half of the concert. I don’t know exactly what turned out to be wrong with his foot, nor do I know the extent of Tama’s injuries from that tumble down the ramp. I did, however, try to include as much of what I saw as possible when I was writing this.


( None of them really know what happened. )
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