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[fic] Senkaido; PG, Sengarella (spinoff for Senga's diary)

BWAHAHAHA I wrote Sengarella. Basically it's Senga's dream from Senga's diary in more detail, so, comment if you read, constructive criticism is also welcomed. 

Title: Sengarella
Rating: PG
Author: me
Disclaimer: I don't own them, and if I did I wouldn't even be here writing this, I would be in Japan with them, doing something more interesting XDDD
Words: 2,942 Yes this is the longest one-shot I have ever written, because I suck at making things long... and now my fingers hurt from all the typing, but I'm just proud I made it this long, and I didn't even have to try to add length XDDD
Pairing: Senkaido, a tiny random bit of Yokoo/Kitayama, but not really enough to be significant, and only right at the very end
Genre: probably Crack? I fail, I can't even say what genre it is...
AN: this is sort of a spinoff from my multichaptered fic Senga's diary, but that fic doesn't have to be read for this to make sense. Also, this is for  cold_jade because she helped me think of an idea for Nika's valentine present to Senga in RPG, Thank you again XDDD.
Summary: It's cinderella with a kisumai twist!

To the fic involving cross dressing and Fairy God idols

X-posted a little, sorry ^_^;;;
Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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