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Takizawa Kakumei DVD

Johnny would like to take more of our money again!

On March 10th, the DVD of Takizawa Kakumei (2009) will be released.

Yes, 2009. The Kakumei last year. Talk about super late?

The DVD will have 2 editions which have different special features.

Both DVDs will have 2 discs and cost 8800yen.

Limited: something about digital pack way (デジパック仕様 - perhaps encoding or something), 24 page booklet, special feature being miraculous 5-shot Kamen Budoukai with Tackey, Koichi, and all of Shounentai which was recorded on the senshuuraku day (afternoon show).
Regular: Special feature that's composed of senshuuraku documentary/backstage stuff (full senshuuraku day) and interviews of Tackey, EbiKisu as well as Nishikiori-san.

Start saving money?

Source: J-Net
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