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[Translation] Duet 2010.03 - Jr Love Confessions 2010

Early Valentine's Day present!! <3

Duet 2010.03

Juniors in love!?
Collection of embarrassed confessions 2010

We’re doing it this year too! Although feeling embarrassed when asked to 「Please give your serious confessions!」, with a serious match the Johnny’s Jr. challenged the popular project. We heard the confessions from 60 juniors~♪ 「Whose confession gives you the special feeling in your chest?」 that will be decided with a voting so readers please take a part also, ne ☆

Love Confessions this way!

Includes confessions & explanations of the confession situation + ideal type of girl by all the members.
(Other boys included: all of Mis Snow Man members, Hasshi, Shoon)
Tags: translations: magazine

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