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[one-shot] My Little Princess (aka Tama-chan's 20th B-day fic)

Title: My Little Princess (aka Tama-chan's 20th B-day fic)
Fandom: Kis-My-Ft2 (TamaMiya)
Rating: NC-17 (gasp)
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Disclaimer: Don’t own them.
Summary: It's an unspoken tradition that you get woken up at midnight on your birthday. Miyata is all for enforcing that tradition.
NOTE: So... I'm a little embarrassed that I wrote this? Like, I don't know how it even happened. I was just sitting at my desk at school and was like, "Oh. Tama-chan's birthday should be coming up. I should write him a fic," and then this came out.

Beta'd by snowqueenofhoth  because god knows I needed it.  Thanks!


(   “Yuta,” Miyata murmurs, pushing at Tamamori’s cheek with his nose.   )
Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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