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Thanks to cold_jade for e-mailing me in the office. So spazz worthy.

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KYA-ed much? Yes, we know you did, we also did and so don't even deny it. To those who didn't bother opening the cap, I'm happy to announce that Kisumai would be performing on tomorrow's Music Station. If last week I informed people it's Johnny's Jr, now it's only Kis-My-Ft II singing Kis-My-Me-Mine. ASGFSAGSJGBSAGBA!!! I'm not sure if there's gonna be kids around but I think it's more of just them. XDDDDDDDDDD I'm soo happy that they would be able to do a song on MS because it's a privilege. There are artists who have not gone in there and them an undebuted band did! They were compared to KAT-TUN and how their name was formed their initials. *sigh* I wanted Maria in there too though XD

Ok, Hyakushiki on March 6 is a must watch too BECAUSE Hiromitsu would now be wearing the uniform! OMG HIROSUKE!!!! I'm not sure of what the theme would be but the important part is he's gonna be there! Is the new unit gonna be true? J&ME? roflmao.


Please let's not go to the debut thing cos it will tick off convos I wouldn't want to see. I'm happy with them being like this cos they're just starting to grow. And debuting is not all that. I would love to see them rule SC.

That's it. I'm too talkative. XD
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