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Ayama Gakuen of the Magickal Arts

The world of Kiyato is filled with Vampires, Werecreatures, Elves, Gods, Fairies, merpeople, dragons and others. This world has been torn by war dividing the various peoples.

The conflict began as a dispute between Werecreatures and Vampires; the original conflict has been forgotten by all but the oldest of the races.

The Elves sided with the Vampires and the Fairies with the Werecreatures while the merpeople, Dragons and the gods remained neutral.

After centuries of increasing hostilities the Goddess Amaterasu had enough and threatened to leave the world in darkness since she was the primary goddess of the sun in this world. She charged the oldest and the most powerful of the dragons Kitagawa Johnny to find a peaceful solution. Kitagawa-sama demanded a truce and told the leaders of each race of Magickal people of the Goddess' threat. They agreed to send their best and brightest to Ayama Castle where they would be instructed in Magick by the wisest of them all.

Kitagawa and Inohara offer those who still hope for peace a beacon of hope. His castle which is well protected by the powerful magic of the dragons was to be the home of a special school. This school will train the best of each race in magic and peace in the hopes that the bonds of love and friendship the students gain will help groom leaders of the future who only want peace.

This RPG is a Yaoi/Yuri friendly but also allows M/F relationships. Currently Japanese and Korean entertainment muses are allowed [which includes Kisumai minus nikasen]. Please no flaming or hating, if you aren't comfortable with yaoi or yuri you don't have to play them just don't be rude to those who do play them.
History of Ayama Gakuen Rules Reserved/Taken list Characteristics of the Magical world Kiyato

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