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March 30th 18:00 Show MC Report

I found a girl's report from the first show of the Kis-My-Ftに010 逢えるde Show tour at Yokohama Arena and decided to translate it:

-First thing they said was that they were happy to be able to do a second tour and thanked the audience
-While they were doing the Kakumei shows, the members were called over and handed a paper with info on the tour and were told "this is the schedule." Everyone seemed to be shocked with "Eh~Ah~s"
-Then Kitayama said "the one with the cutest "eh~ah~s" was Tama-chan," to which Tamamori replied, "What are you saying?"
-After that, they continued the report card joke material from December with "Tama-chan seems like the type that it was written on his report card 'doesn't listen when other people talk.'"
-On the stage there is a sudden drop/slope that's arched. During rehearsal, it looked like Senga was about to blown away about 1 meter but he landed safely. Kitayama, who saw it, said "You landed like a chimpanzee, it so funny." Senga then said his "I'm not a chimpanzee" (チンパンジーじゃね~よ) like he always does.
-This time the amount of NikaSen was incredible. They said to each other "Nika, I love you" "I love you too."『ニカ、大好きだよ』『俺も大好きだよ』
-Kitayama then said, "In the end, how you do you guys want to end up?" Senga replied, "I want to become one with Nika"
-Hearing this, Miyata said "Wow, that's BL"
-Kitayama tsukkomi: "BL is Boys Love right, it's gross so please stop~"

-Fujigaya asked Tamamori, "after turning 20, has anything changed?" Tamamori: "Nothing's changed. But, my parents, you know, um... [he couldn't find the words]...told me to pull myself together (ちゃんとしなさい)
-Fujigaya: "You couldn't remember that? *laughs*"
-Tama: "it's because it didn't really leave a strong impression"
-Fuji: "A put together adult right"
-Tama: "Yeah, into an adult aware of his/her adult man?...a man's man?...wo [he started to say the word for woman]
-Kitayama: "As long as you don't become a woman, anything's fine." The audience erupted into laughter.

-wearing a red, suit-like new costume, Fujigaya said, "Nikaido~ you're the only one whose pants are tucked into their skates."
-in response, Nikaido said, "That's because I'm doing things like a backflip in skates. I move around more than everyone else."
-Kitayama: "It seems like lately Nika's going through a late rebellious period" [most go through it in their early/mid teens]
-->EDIT: info from kira_shadow: Nikaido went all "bakayaro!" at the end of his reply meaning "you dumbass" or "you idiot" which is why they say he's in a bratty rebellious period XD

-Also related to costumes, for the Miya-Ts they change on stage revealing their upper bodies.
-Nikaido changed in the middle of the stage in a public spot and was told "You're bold."
-seeing this there was a little commotion among the fans

Other bits:

-Before the Miya-game it seemed to be an idle chat time. Fujigaya revealed that Miyata kept saying, "Because of the Miya-game from the last concert, we got this, thanks to me." Miya: "I did say that, I'm sorry."

-After the signboard that Yokoo threw from the hanamichi (those aisles that links together the audience area and the stage) for some reason came flying back from the stands, he picked it up with a bitter smile and threw it away once again. [*thanks to sweetmilano90 for the clarification]

-During the encore, it looked like Kitayama was about to fall while on the hanamichi and gave an embarrassed smile.

-Before the MC the other members were changing and Kitayama was greeting the audience by himself. He said, "I'm back" to which the audience replied "Welcome back." He said, "I'm about to cry" and for some reason he was really charming.


-You can read her original entries here.
-Not all of this was in the MC, it was throughout the show. Not too sure of the order but if you're really curious, please check the original blog :)
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