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[Concert Report] Kis-My-Ftに010逢えるdeShow 100401, 横浜

I know I've already spammed some of your f-lists posting, but here's my report for the last Yokohama show.  It's really long... probably because I try to write everything I remember.  But in Word, it was over 26 pages (in its current incomplete state) and therefore had to be posted in parts.  It's in 5 parts.  I'm late, I know, but this is a really long report, so that will hopefully make up for that.

It's not totally complete.  I'm currently missing the following sections: PIERROT PARK messages, Miya-gee themes and answers, Eien no Ticket negai, and ENCORE descriptions.  Will hopefully have time to go back and enter that over the weekend.

And it may sound strange to have a concert report beta'd, but thank you to snowqueenofhoth  for giving it a quick look over.  ^^;

Part 1: Stage Set-Up to Kitayama's talk )
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