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Kis My Ft2 Fake Album

Hi! I know this is really random but I found this the other day and though that it was a smart iniciative .
Basicaly it is a fake kis my ft2 debut album, it conteis all (or at least most of) kis my ft 2 songs and it even comes with a booklet. The whole thing has as porpouse to spare our love for the boys and make it notable for everybody so that, in a no so distant  futere we can see our beloved band having they official debut ,for real.
I didn´t know where to put this at first ,but I`ve follow this comunnity for a while and I know that many people may be interested in this specialy because is a easy way of having all kis my ft2 songs in the same file so you don`t have to look for them in one site to another-
Hope you enjoy it
here you have the link



By the way I didn`t do this I just found it in someone `s page, but this girl it isn`t the owner either so I don` know who started this
pd: Sorry if you find any mistake, English is my 2° lenguage and for me even  spanish is complicated to write so you can imagin 
thank to everyone in the comunnity
          PD: I already post this on shokura comunnity, but someone told me that i should post it here to, I was going to do that before hand it´s just that my computer time run out 
Any way hope you like as much as I do

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