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Last year we got new banner and profile pictures for the community profile page, so now it's about a time to get a new layout for the community also! So we're having another contest for it!

Rules for taking part in the layout contest:

- Layout header must include all members of Kis-My-Ft2

- The pictures (both scans and video captures are okay) should be from 2009~2010 so that they are recent ones

Those are the only limitations! Of course the usual things, the layout should support tags and stuff. Other than that feel free to be creative!

To take part in the community layout contest, please either take a screencap of the layout you have made, or give a link to a journal where you are displaying the said layout at the moment (if you are doing the second option, please make sure that you are not changing the layout until the voting has ended). Please leave the screencaps or links for the layout in the comments to this post.

The deadline for the layout contest participation is May 31st June 11th! After that we will start the voting. (If you would like to participate but would need more time - for example because of exam seasons or something - please let me know and the time can be extended ^_^)

Have fun! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask~
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