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Kisumai x dwango.jp official link!

First-time poster yay! Anyways, I don't know if anyone else knew about this {I certainly didn't until I went looking today}, but dwango.jp has a PC site. Unfortunately, the song downloads are still for Japanese cellphones only...though it's still good for the daily flail quota to see "Kis-My-Ft2" up there. :D Still...there seems to be this little "countdown" thingy on it, but my Japanese isn't good enough to translate what it's counting down to. >.> Maybe someone else could help...? Anyways, if anyone wants to take a look and flail, here's the link: 


{I read the rules and all, but if there's something wrong with this post {or the tags - looked in the rules and the comm info and couldn't find a list as to what falls under what} I'll gladly go back and edit or delete it altogether if that would be better. ^.^}
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