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News from KAT-TUN con today

BIG NEWS!!!! Kisumai is getting their first photobook!!!!! It was announced in Dome concert today. No details yet, since the boys only got to know about it too.

Also, Hiro fell from stage during Fire Beat!! During the part when he is walking backwards. All the members and KATTUN were looking down worried and staff came running too, but they continued the song withour Hiro after the staff probably signaled he was okay. (And I missed most of the song worrying about him...) He did come to stage after the song tho to apologize for falling, and was with Kisumai the rest of the show so he was okay, thank goodness!

Source - no real source to link to, since I was in the concert but there should probably be official news about the photobook soon!! XD

EDIT> Here is some more detailed info about these things (I couldn't write yesterday because I only had 2min before they shut down the comps because we came so late from the concerts.)

Photobook> The boys said they had just heard about the photobook thing themselves, so they couldn't tell any details, but KAT-TUN were comparing it to their own New Yown photobook before they debuted XD

Hiro's falling> During the part when the boys were facing each other (can't remember which of the KAT-TUN members was facing Hiro when he was walking backwards) and Hiro was walking backwards near the very front of the main stage, he fell from the left side of the stage in the part where the main stage is a little bit more to the front than where the walkway around the arena starts, so there was a little space to fall, so he fell there. It was VERY close to the stairs that come up to the stage from there, so I freaked out that maybe he hit his head. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the microphone falling though, of course since Dome is so big, only the mic would make a sound. Anyway, all the boys were looking down, looking very worried (at least Camilla said Taipi had been looking really worried - I was concentrating looking at where Hiro had fallen so didn't look at the faces) and the staff had come running. We couldn't see Hiro though, so that's why I worried through the rest of the song. The music had still been going on with the guys looking down where Hiro had fallen, and they were probably gestured by staff (or Hiro?) to just continue, because after a short moment they did. KAT-TUN left the stage (sadly no head spinning from Kisumai or KAT-TUN this time) and Kisumai continued singing Fire Beat. Once the song was over Hiro appeared on stage and apologized for the falling, and they talked a bit about the falling. Thankfully Hiro looked like he was completely okay... There was a couple songs after that when it was only KAT-TUN, so Hiro probably got to rest a bit too. Once he came back with Kisumai after the few KAT-TUN only songs he looked totally okay and was dancing etc normally. (Although I did feel like kicking him for walking backwards a lot on the walkways! Do you want to fall again!)
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