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[Mod] JFC / TakkiChannel Videos

As already mentioned in the previous post by luma_chan, if you rip those videos for yourself OR find a rip online by someone else, do NOT upload it to streaming sites.

In addition now... a user posted her rip of the video on the community. And as much as that makes people happy, I have also received messages of concerned/worried people. Anyone on the community could download this video and maybe some people may or may not abuse the rules and upload it wherever because there is no way to really check who downloads this even if it's a locked post - our community is quite big after all. After thinking about it, I guess the best solution is to not allow this material to be posted on the community at all.

JE has just started to open up to us foreigners and computer-internet users so let's do everything to keep the good things coming, even if that means for most of us to enjoy the vids only as long as they're up.

Thus, all posts with rips or requesting rips of those videos will be removed from the community if they're still made by people. We have the same policy when it comes to linking to youtube or other streaming videos without the channel owners permission. What people do privately is their own decision but as a big fandom community, we have to carefully consider what we do and what we allow. I hope you all respect this decision.

Thank you.
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