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here I am again.
so... like many of you wanted we will have the fan meeting on the 30th of october (it's a saturday) :)
We'll meet up at 1pm-1.30pm at the entrance of the düsseldorf haupbahnhof. me and my friend will hold onto a sign (we'll make it quite big and colourful so that no one will miss it) on which is written JE-MEETUP.

to the activities:
since we never did karaoke at the nikko hotel before, we'll go and ask on saturday, if something like this is possible (for I don't know how many people) and how much it will cost. other things depend on the number of people we are. we won't be able to bake something if there are more than 50 people, you know xDDD so the most important thing now is:


since I am in charge of gathering the people on livejournal (and my friend on svz) please don't vote on both pages. If you have already voted in one of your je-svz groups than don't do that here please.
the voting will go like that:

1. your personal comment
2. questions/suggestions
3. favourite je-band and member
4. I'M COMING (<- you'll just have to write that in a big typeface)

sorry if this method sounds a bit strange or... unprofessional but it's really hard to get an overview of how many people are coming. so please vote only once!!! (I'm saying that again 'cause I am posting this in other groups also so... vote only in one group XDDD)

please be reminded: your suggestions are needed. of course we want to make this fan meetup fun so if you have any good ideas please don't be shy and share them with us. for me and my friend it's the first time organizing something like that so we need your help!

more information about the actual things we'll do will be shared with you in another post that will follow tomorrow or the day after called: JE FAN MEETUP IN GERMANY *IMPORTANT*

and here I have some questions for you. please answer them under "2. question/suggestion".

Q1. What do you think about making your own name tag and wear it so there won't be any need to ask every single person you wanna talk with?
Q2. What about making some kind of sign (I don't know what kinds of yet <- your suggestion is needed) to show everyone which band is your favourite and who is your favourite member?

-these are some ideas me and my friend came up with. if you don't like them please say so :)

so I'll get the most important points together now:

*October 30th, 2010. Saturday
*1pm-1.30pm in the entrance (before the large bookstore)
*bring money along (you'll need it for food, posters, magazines, cd's xDD since it's düsseldorf you'll be able to buy them all there. if there are any questions about the price please feel free to ask)
*bring your stuff you want to share/give away/sell (like posters, pictures, uchiwas, magazines)
*rules: no alcohol, no drugs, no weapons!!! (well... that's obvious isn't it?! xDDD)
*since we are all fangirls and germans<- which means that we have a really sharp tongue (that should be the case for most of us, right?!) we should make sure not to fight with others or even hit them O.O (not that I'm doing these kind of things... just to make sure xDD)
*end of the meeting depends! since there are people who will have to go earlier than others it will be a bit of a problem xDD but let's try to finisi everything at 9pm. (is that time ok? or to early or to late?)
*please remeber to comment the way I described NOW!

that should be all for now :)

ps: I'm writing in english 'cause that's a rule for most of the groups. but you can comment in german of course.
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