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First post!

First post since I joined not too long ago! I got to know about Kissumai after watching Dream Boys '06 where I got completely addicted to Sen Nen no Love Song and consequently fell in love with TaiPi & Kitayama .__.;;

So erm *coughs* I come bearing 2 measely TaiPi icons? ._.;

Credit is optional but would be nice? ._.;

(A) Genki TaiPi

(B) TaiPi the Geek!

Icon Credits:
A - Screencapped by me from KAT-TUN's Kaizokuban concert. Heart brush by colorfilter
B - Original scan from kis_my_ft2

with my introductory post?

Totally random but, I also fell in love with KitaxFuji after watching the clip where they read letters to each other on SC .__.;;
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