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Fanfiction - Behind The Scenes

Title: Behind The Scenes
Author: crazy_otaku911
Pairing: Ebikisu X Ebikisu - Various established (Nika/Senga, Miyata/Tama), implied (Tottsu/Kitayama, Senga/Tsuka, Fujigaya/Sanada), and other (Hasshi/Fujigaya) - but they are not limited to the aforementioned.
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Ebikisu writes their butai, abuses Skype and webcams, encourages jailbait, and causes Fujigaya to flail like a girl. But really, Kawai just likes being naked. ← Written under ridiculous assumptions such as Ebikisu actually controlling their script.
Disclaimer: This work is purely fiction.
Warnings: Slight language, implied jailbait-y tapping?
A/N: Beta'd by shimizumiki
Inspired greatly by flailinginlove's butai report thing. It was honestly too cracktastic sounding to not fic something. x:
Also greatly inspired by tottchupi. 8D♥

'Tsk, tsk, Taipi. If you really wanted to protect his innocence, you shouldn't be swearing in front of him.'
Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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