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1010 Potato - Ebikisu Translation

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C'est la vie. ~ Our Way of Living ~

We gathered together the two groups co-starring in the stage show "Shonentachi ~Koshi naki Rougoku~" (~Sept. 26th at Nissei Theater)! In the peaceful setting they spoke about their "C'est la vie = life" up until now. To start with we had them give one kanji to describe their life up to this point. (Interview at the Start of August)

Q1: Which kanji would you use to represent your life up until this point? Why?
Q2: What sort of moment do you really feel like you're living?
Q3: Which of your group's members do you think is really enjoying their life?
Q4: Please tell us what you've been doing recently!

( Who's enjoying their life most? )
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