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Johnny's International

Johnny's International email system is finally in operation I got notice email of that since I've emailed to TakiChannel before so those who would like to join the email list, please fill in the application HERE. The application is in English (and couple other languages) and should be filled in English! It is recommended that as many people as possible would join the emailing list to show exactly how many fans the boys really do have overseas ^_^ Information about especially the kind of activities that will affect the outside Japan fandom will be shared through this mailing list in the future. Maybe not THAT relevant for junior fans in comparison to the debuted boys, but still... XD

Also, there is going to be a Johnny's ticket selling method for people living outside Japan because of all the problems foreigners have to go through to get ticket's for Johnny's events. This method will be available for ONLY those who live outside Japan. The system ticket service is not available yet, but more information will most likely be shared through the mailing list later, so please join that for updates ^_^

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