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[MOD] Say hello to your new tags

Hi! This is Camilla, your new mod at kis_my_ft2  

I've been poking around a little on the profile page and fixed the new tags people wanted according to our poll. So, time for an introduction!

First up; the different download tags:
downloads: audio -  This is where mp3s and ringtones goes. 
downloads: concert/stage show - This is where to post DVD rips of said materials. Not little trailers and previews. They are considered as CMs.
downloads: drama/movie - Post the actual drama/movie here. And again, not little trailers and previews. They go under CMs. 
downloads: fancam/fanrecording - Anything recorded at a concert/stage show will be posted here. For example: If you record Kisumai singing Inori it should be posted here, and not under the audio tag.
downloads: news/cm - Any news clip or CM featuring Kisumai members will be posted here. This includes drama/concert previews etc.
downloads: shounen club - The tag says it all.
downloads: tv show - Any clip of a TV show that's not Shokura will be posted here. For example Music Station, Hyakushiki-Ou, Hadaka no Shounen etc.

Three new tags for lyrics:
lyrics: kanji
lyrics: romaji
lyrics: translation - This obviously means that translations of lyrics goes under here and not the "translations" tag anymore. That one is for magazines, pamphlets, news articles etc. 

We've got new scan tags as well!
scans: magazine 
scans: photos - Both official and unofficial. 
scans: other - Anything that's not a magazine or a photo. This includes for example pamphlets, uchiwas, calendars, clear files, flyers, books.

And last but not least: The "engsub" tag has changed name to "subbed". Any subbed material goes under there, doesn't matter if it's in English or Spanish or any other language. Just state clearly in your post which language the subs are in. 

That's the new tags! We'll later start working on some archives as well. We just need to decide what those archives should contain, but they're definitely coming! Meanwhile, I hope these new tags are going to make your life easier here at the community. If you've got any questions you're more than welcome to ask. Please direct them to me though, since I'm the one whose been working on them, and got the most spare time on my hands. XD
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