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Kis-My-Ft2 Special Message Translation

Just a short translation of the special message video linked to by reiko_amakusa, so I'm posting it directly to the community rather than to my journal. Enjoy~!

[Kis-My-Ft2] Special Message

We're Kis-My-Ft2!

Well then, uum...
I think there are still many people who don't know Kis-My-Ft2,
so I guess we'll each introduce ourselves here.
Let's start with Nika-chan!

I'm Nikaido Takashi of Kis-My-Ft2!
Kis-My-Ft2 dances and sings, and our biggest weapon is roller (skates)!
The 7 of us in Kisumai will do lots of things and keep making progress.
And I would like to keep improving on my own too.

Hello, I'm the S, Senga Kento.
I'm the youngest in the group,
and I feel like there still a lot of ways I could improve.
But I'm going to keep pushing through!

I'm Kis-My-Ft2's M, Miyata Toshiya.
I'm right in the middle age-wise,
a position like a midfielder...
From now on I'd like to keep sending passes the other members way,
and although I may end up troubling them,
I can do my best!
... I will do by best,
so please keep supporting us!
Don't give us passes we don't need!!

I'm Kis-My-Ft2's Y, Yokoo Wataru.
I am Yokoo Wataru. (Korean: 저는 요코 와타루 / Mandarin: 我是 渉)
I went ahead and learned those on KAT-TUN's Asia tour,
so since the whole world can see this I went ahead...
I've had lots of work, both solo and with the group,
and I'm in the middle of learning a lot.
So once we all work together again
I'd like each of us to show our own colors.
I'd like it if when they get mixed the results are good.
So please support us.

I'm the Ki, Kitayama Hiromitsu.
I'm the oldest in the group.
I'd like it if we could get along and work hard together,
so please support us.
That's all from Kitayama Hiromitsu.

I'm Tamamori Yuta, the T.
Born on March 17th, 1990.
Blood type B, Pisces.
My favorite food is meat.
My hobby recently has been darts.
Thank you!!

Lastly, I'm the F, Fujigaya Taisuke.
As Kis-My-Ft2, each of us is extremely unique,
so I would like to use our individuality to bring us more work and various chances.
It's not like I want to introduce Kis-My-Ft2 to a lot of different people, but I would be glad if this would reach many people's ears.

We're the same.
We've been having a lot of work,
like being in stage shows with our senpai, being in concerts, and recently even putting out a photobook.
So we would appreciate it if you would check all of those out and learn more about us.
That's all from Kis-My-Ft2!

Bye bye~!
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