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[Masterpost] Kis-My-Ft2 Winter concert 2010-2010 Goods Pre-Orders

Due to popular demand with both tickets and goods, we mods have decided to start creating masterposts for both goods pre-orders from the concert venues, as well as masterposts for selling/buying tickets for the said concerts. So from now on when Kisumai will be having a concerts, we'll be having these kind of masterposts to a) make it easier for people to know where they could get goods and so on, and b) keep the spamming of similar posts to the minimum ^_^

So this post is for Goods Pre-Orders for the Winter Concert Tour 2010-2011.

If you are planning on taking pre-orders for concert goods, please comment on this post. Please inform the items you're taking pre-orders on, what your prices are, payment methods and other important things. If you have a ready pre-order sales post in your own journal or elsewhere, you can simply link there and you don't have to repeat the same information in the comment here. However, please inform the deadline until when the pre-orders have to be made.

If you are interested in buying concert goods by pre-ordering from possible sellers, please either come check this post later, or simply subscribe to it by clicking onto the button with a picture of a tag on top of the post, and you can choose to have email notifications when comments are made into the post.

Note: If you want to sell/purchase tickets, please use the other masterpost.
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