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世界まる見え! テレビ特捜部3時間SP - 1/3/2011

Taisuke and Hiro will be kicking off their promotional activities for Misaki No.1 with 世界まる見え! テレビ特捜部3時間SP (Sekai Maru Mie! Terebi Tokusoubu 3-jikan SP) that is going to be aired on January 3, 2011. (Probably, since don't see any shows at the moment where they'll appear and airs earlier than this show yet) The show usually starts at 19:56 and since they didn't say anything about changing time for the special, it's probably the same.

You can see their names on the official site of the program and the list of guests that will be with them including Abe Yuuji (reporter), Jinnai Takanori (actor), Ebihara Yuri (model), Higashiyama-san (Shounentai), Peace (comedian duo), Yaguchi Mari (ex-H!P).

For those who don't know the show, it's basically a show where they watch various videos from all over the world from home videos to people doing scary/stupid/wth things to introducing things in Japan, it's kind of all over the place. You might have watched Koyama and Masuda on the same show and trying to eat a huge hamburger. That one.

Also, January episodes of Shokura have been recorded today and from various blogs like this one, KisuMai performed a new song that will be part of their upcoming tour that's called My Love. Look forward to that in the new year or hope that someone will do a fan-recording of it from Nagoya shows.
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