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[Translations] Kisumai talks about their siblings (Myojo 2011.01)

Here's a little New Year's present~~ In the January Myojo there was a corner where Kisumai (along with some other Johnny's and other artists) told about their siblings! Overall Kisumai's stories were among the most interesting ones to read ♥ Especially Taipi's and Tama's were among my favorites! XD

All the members who have siblings participated in this, so there's everyone else but Kitayama...

Myojo 2011.01
Only here… The Record of Honest Personal Experiences.

This month’s theme: Siblings of pride
They’re amazing! My Brother and Sister

This month it’s a big survey of the private lives of the stars! From warm episodes like “my big brother is really his own personality” to boasting how “we have the worst relationship in the world”… They introduce different kind of siblings of pride to us.

'That guy, whenever it’d turn into a fight, he’d definitely bite me.'
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