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Misaki No.1!! - TV Pia Tweets

Following up to the previous post about KisuMai's song being used as the opening song to Misaki No.1!!, I've translated the other tweets TV Pia made about the conference.

( This way )

For those who want to watch clips of the conference, be sure to check the morning shows on NTV, mainly Zoom In and Sukkiri which will probably have coverage on it. The main entertainment corners are usually ~6:15/6:30am and ~7:30am JST on Zoom In. Not sure about Sukkiri. I don't remember.

Also in the post, I've added an extra, which is a clip (YouTube) from Tackey's radio show where Enbujou4/Luckys appeared in. It's only Taisuke's part, but you hear Hiro's and Kawai's comments as well.

Again, promo shows that the cast will be on, but mainly Karina, no HiroSuke. If you're interested though. They should at least show some clips from the drama.

1/11 - 19:00-20:52 - Kayou Surprise Shinshu 2 Jikan SP - Karina
1/12 - 19:00-19:56 - Mishitsu Nazotoki Variety Dasshutsu Game Dero! - Karina
1/13 - 19:58-20:54 - Guru Guru Ninety-Nine - Karina
1/17 - 21:00-21:52 - Shabukuri 007 - Karina and Oomasa Aya

Hopefully we'll see more HiroSuke promoting in some other shows! Will post when I know.

Edit: Also included links to the few newspapers online that have written about the conference. I've translated a few comments from Taisuke and Hiro from one article.
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