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Kis-My-Ft2 - Popolo December 2007

Translation. Members vote for who is the kindest, who is the most reliable, who likes cleanliness the most, and who eats the most within the group and then talk about the results. Someone is a cheapstake in the group? Someone knows ninja techniques? Someone likes stealing karaage.

( On Miyata's birthday recently, we gave him some red chili oil that we all bought together at the convenience store. )

Also included in the post is a brief translation from Kyoumoto Masaki's (Kyoumoto Taiga's father) blog about Taisuke.

Upcoming magazine appearances.
1/22 - CanCam - HiroSuke
1/24 - Cool Trance - Taisuke on cover
1/24 - TVfan - HiroSuke
1/26 - The Television - HiroSuke on cover with Karina
2/2 - TV Pia - HiroSuke on cover with Karina

I also updated my sales post and am selling some official and paparazzi photos of KisuMai among other things. You can check here if you're interested.
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