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Misaki Number One OST CD

I'm not sure to post it or not but yeah, I try my luck XD
So, based on what I read on the net,
Misaki Number One OST CD will be released on February 23rd and it cost ¥2500.

Still no list of the songs, but since it's OST CD, Is there any chance that No.1~FIRE BEAT will be on the list? XD
Okay, that was just me hoping for kisumai on CD.

EDIT: Seems I was hoping too high and as the tradition goes there'll be NO No.1 ~ FIREBEAT on the OST CD just like the other JE songs in dramas.

source: http://www.cdbanq.com/Misaki-No1-OST-Japan-CD-VPCD-81697_p_36025.html
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