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Kis-my-ft2 accessories

Hye...this is my first time posting here and i want to ask for a helping hand....
I'm really excited bout kisumai debut, so i'm going to start doing *on my own* something to celebrate...
i've realised that most kisumai members *especially Fujigaya* uses hair band as one of their accessories...and i think that's really cute...^^
i've collected some *a little bit* similar hair band but i don't have any reference......
so anyone of you guys know any videos or photos that shows kisumai using hair band as their accessories??? that will be really helpful..^o^

*Happy to say that i've own something similar to the one that Taipi's wearing ^o^ *

thanks in advance.......^^

p/s : i'm sorry if this post is inappropriate and the mods can delete this if they want..
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