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[Translations] Duet 2011.03 - Johnny's Jr. 50 x 50 Questions (Kitayama Hiromitsu & Fujigaya Taisuke)

Translated the latest JQ section from Duet. This month it heatured Kitayama and Gujigaya ^_^ The questions are the same every time so those who have already read Yokoo's one earlier (or someone else's) know what it's about. Basically questions starting from their favorite food to what they'd do if they turned into a girl or when was their first kiss or what they wear when sleeping etc, all the way up to their future goals.

Duet 2011.03

Johnny’s Jr. 50 + 50 Questions --> JQ

Want to know many things about these boys you care about!? The popular project where we show the juniors real faces with 50 questions. This month Kitayama and Fujigaya who are in the middle of appearing in ‘Misaki Number 1!!’ make their appearances.

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