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Information and Translations

Follow up on the TV Life blog entry I posted previously. A brief reflection from the chief editor for writing that long post about the debut announcement. Read that here. Also included in post is translation of two tweets from The Television staff, when they were trying to put together a report for KisuMai's concert.

Kyoumoto-papa (Kyoumoto Masaki, Taiga's father) also updated his blog and as part of his entry, he has a message for KisuMai. Read that here.

Recent magazine releases with KisuMai.
2/23 - TV Guide
2/23 - The Television
2/23 - Myojo
2/23 - Popolo
2/23 - Ray
2/23 - Dramatic TV Life (HiroSuke for Misaki)
2/24 - TVfan
2/24 - TVNavi (HiroSuke for Misaki)
2/24 - Gekkan TV Guide
2/25 - Only Star

Information from J-Net.
Tama is no longer going to be in Takizawa Kabuki. He supposedly has a different job lined up for him, but specific details of the job has not been revealed yet.

Information from Gekkan TV Guide. Picture here.
As he had said himself in Cool Trans, Taisuke will be appearing in a suspense drama. More details have been released in the magazine.
No specific date except for it will be aired in April, and the drama is called 「美食カメラマン 星井裕の事件簿2~京都 源氏物語 華の道の殺人~」(Bishouku Cameraman Hoshii Yuu no Jikenbo 2 ~Kyouto Genjimonogatari Hananomichi no Satsujin~). It's produced by MBS (hence TBS-related) and will be aired during TBS' Monday Golden time period, starting 21:00. It's a sequel to drama special with the same main title that aired last year. Wrote a bit more information about the drama here.
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