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Icons of Kitayama & Taisuke in Dream Boys & Kaizokuban!!!

2nd post here! I actually posted this last night but was too tired and forgot to post to this comm ._____.;; Hundreds and hundreds(I suspect it's almost a thousand D:) of Kaizokuban screenshots and very numb fingers(from ctrl+C-ing, ctrl+V-ing & Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S-ing) later, I bring many animated gifs. D: Gosh I have no life outside of my...normal life...wtf am i saying even... D:

[14] KAT-TUN
[4] Yamapi
[6] Kis-My-Ft(2)?
(Specifically, Hiromitsu & Taisuke)

Animated Gifs
[3] Kame
[3] Akame
[2] Ueda

Comment if taking? ._.
Credit is optional but would be nice coz I really really spent alot of time on these? .__.;;;


(Follow the fake cut to the booty! D:)
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