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Fanfiction - {Midnight C R A Z Y}

Title: {Midnight C R A Z Y}
Pairings/Groups: Miyata/Tamamori (main) with bits of Nikaido/Senga thrown in. I feel that Fujigaya/Kitayama need a mention here as an anti-pairing because they are assholes. =V= (Also features Yara and THEY Budou.)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild language, smidgen of blood/violence, … err, vampires and werewolves. (There is no death, minus that of a phone.)
Summary: AU - You never go into the forest at night, everyone knows that. It’s dangerous, so all the oldtimers say. But when Tamamori gets a strange text from a friend and former classmate in the dead of night, he ventures in anyway. What he gets (aka, Miyata) is nothing like what he expected.
Notes: Written for snowqueenofhoth during the totally awesome kis_my_fic2 exchange. ♥ Somewhat inspired by Little Red Riding Hood (or the musical Into the Woods) but not… quite. T'is a bit on the odd side. And, as tottchupi so nicely summarized Fujigaya, ‘He just wants to be a snowflake’. Special thanks to my betas (omoikkiri and tottchupi) and the person who planted the idea in my head (hotfruits).

Love or like can be so complicated~ ♫
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