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[MOD] Fanfiction Archive

Hello everyone,

in the past couple of weeks (or months...) I've been going through the fanfiction posts at our community and I've been pondering about making stuff a bit neater than it is now. The tagging function seems to be buggy on LJ (they say you can go back 1000 entries but in reality it's only's been months without any reaction to complaints *sigh*) so something else must be done.

At the moment, I've gone through 300 of the 492 tagged fanfiction entries (compiled in an excel spreadsheet). Now, I COULD just post that spreadsheet and everyone could sort it in whichever way they liked but that would make updating really complicated. As such, I propose archive posts on this community. I do know that people have different preferences when searching for fanfiction though so there are a couple of issues to be solved before I can post the archives (minus the fact that I have to go through the other 192 entries first).

So, long story short, have a poll:

Poll #1731765 Kis-My-Ft2 Fanfiction Archive

Which do you prefer...?

One, long archive post
Several, split archive posts (see below for options)
Other suggestions (please comment)

How would you like the archive post(s) to be set up?

Sorted by Pairing
Sorted by Character
Sorted by Author
Sorted by Rating
Other suggestions (please comment)

I'd be very happy to get some input from you in the comments as well. Thank you very much in advance!
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