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[Fanfiction Archive Post] Sorted by Character

First off, I have collected all the fics from the very beginning until now (Last Update: May 15th 2011) in an Excel Document, which you can download HERE (MU) or HERE (MF) and sort however you like. By default, it is rated by pairing or well, character constellation (Gen Fics have their own code, as do fics that include OC in their pairings). The first data sheet includes all the codes I used for the spreadsheet.

NOTE: This is a TEMPORARY solution. I am working on making the spreadsheet available publicly through gdocs but I have to play around with the functions a bit still because it's not working like I want it to yet (the temporary spreadsheet - sorted by pairings only) is available HERE. Suggestions are welcome.

You can sort by whichever column you like though (Author, Rating, Pairing). I did not include a character column separately because it would have gotten really complicated with the coding and sorting options otherwise. Other colums featured are the link to the fic post IN THE COMMUNITY and not the link to the outside journals the fic might or might not be on (some people posted their fics directly to the community). This allows interested readers to check the fic descriptions more in detail before reading.

Seeing that the archive up until this point is contained in the Excel Spreadsheet, the new archive posts here on the community will only contain fanfiction posts starting January 2011 so that things do not get totally out of hand.

This is how I decided how it's going to be for the time being. As usual, I am open for feedback from your side. As of now, the mods do not see the need to get rid of fanfiction on the community. Should things however get out of hand we will consider taking measures.

The archive posts will be updated approximately on a monthly basis and includes fics with no distinct pairings but SINGLE CHARACTERS as the main focus and Gen Fic. For pairing fics and drama fics, check the Other Archive Post.

LAST UPDATED: 15th May 2011

Kitayama Hiromitsu

By orangegreenlove
Not his day (PG)

Senga Kento

By yuma_daisuki
ShapeShift Vampires (PG-13)

Miyata Toshiya

By yuma_daisuki
ShapeShift Vampires (PG-13)

Yokoo Wataru

Fujigaya Taisuke

By yuma_daisuki
ShapeShift Vampires (PG-13)

Tamamori Yuta

Nikaido Takashi

By orangegreenlove
The Curse of the Easter Bunny

Kis-My-Ft2 Gen Fic

By mbdancer8o8
A Lesson Not Needed (PG-13)
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