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[MOD] Reminder - Youtube Links

Hello everyone.
Just a quick reminder about an issue that's been popping up again with the influx of news about both the debut and the "Ikemen desu ne" drama.

DO NOT post links to youtube channels/videos WITHOUT PERMISSION!
Preferrably, it should be YOUR OWN channel or video if you link it.
This is for both posts and comments as well!
(And also, if you link to your own journal first that has the video.)

I've received complains of some channel owners in Japan who suddenly found their videos flooded with foreign comments and wondered why that was. Turns out, the links were public on a community on LJ. They fear that this way, their channels are going to be detected easier and thus blocked and deleted and they get into trouble with the Japanese authorities.

We're trying to do our best and keep sources of information open. A lot of uploaders have already blocked foreign access to their accounts due to these problems.

I know that asking for permission can be problematic (e.g. language barrier) and take a long time (e.g. no immediate response) but please respect this rule.

If you want one of the mods to ask the channel owner in Japanese that is also possible. Please get in touch with me via PM in that case.
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