Luma (luma_chan) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

[MOD] Rules page update + FAQ added

Hello children. Just dropping by with a little notice that I've edited the community rules section a little.

For clarity reasons there's now a mini version of the rules right on top of the rules post. That "short version" is basically the rules in a nutshell with no further explanations that should be enough for any basic stuff.

After the mini rules there's the full rules post with more explanations and details. This is basically the "old rules" that's been there before, I just did some cleaning there to make things look clearer. Basically just scroll through it, choose the right header topic and find what required from under it. The mini rules and full version should be in pretty much the same order, so if you need clarification for a certain mini rule, simply search in the same order.

Also, for a whole new addition, there's also a FAQ section included on the rules page! There's all kinds of handy questions and answers for basic LJ/Johnny's related questions. The current FAQ is based on an older one I used to make at the JUMP community, but of course fit for Kisumai. Will be adding more Q&As there when required.
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