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[Fic] Taisuke's Birthday Project 2011

Title: Taisuke's Birthday Project 2011 [Various]
Author: Shattered Tenshi
Rating: G-R
Fandom: JE, some J-Drama/Freeter, Ie wo Kau, Misaki No.1, Byakkotai
Genre: General(-ish, depending on ficlets), a bunch are AU
Pairing: Various (namesquishes are pairings/hints of pairings, while character names with + in between have no pairings)
Warnings: BL depending on ficlet.
Notes: My countdown project for Taisuke's 24th birthday where I posted a ficlet per day! All are pretty short, anywhere from ~300 to ~850 words.

Future Teasing Material (SanaFuji) | Office Affair (Nishimoto Kazuhiko/Kujou Kazuma) | Simple Words (T&T + Taisuke) | Making New Friends (Taisuke + Senga + Nika + Hiro) | Just Thoughts (Itou Matahachi) | Resolution (PiSuke) | Playing House (YoSuke) | Childhood Friends (YoSuke) | Only One (Tackey/Taisuke) | Secret Mission (Taisuke + Senga + Nika) | No Difference (HiroYoSuke) | Lesson Experienced (Kame/Taisuke) (R) | For a Photo (Taisuke + Kawai + Goseki) | Bonding Over Interests (Taisuke + Hiro + Oomasa Aya + Ichikawa Tomohiro + Ohno Takurou) | Even (Nishimoto Kazuhiko/Kujou Kazuma) | Turning into Twins (Taisuke + Yuusuke) | Perfect Timing (Goseki + Taisuke) | Musical Night (HiroSuke) | Nothing to Hide (Kujou Kazuma + Minato Ryousuke) | Admitting to Feelings (HiroSuke) | Change of Heart (Nishimoto Kazuhiko/Kujou Kazuma) | Getting Closer (Taisuke + Senga + Hiro)| Finding the Courage (SanaFuji) | Best Ever (Taisuke + Senga + Nika + Hiro)
Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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