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[MOD] Loads of important new rules. Please do read!

We have a lot to talk about so I'll just get right on with it. With Kisumai's debut drawing nearer there is no doubt this community will grow. It's already growing, actually, and will steadily continue so. I'm perfectly delighted to see this but with more people joining the fandom we'll need to be more careful with what we do. This community is the largest place for Kisumai fans to meet, interact, and share various things. It's what holds us together and we need to protect it. Therefore we need a few changes here at Endless Road. 

From now on ALL entries dealing with downloads (audio, video), scans (magazines, photos, goods etc), and streaming videos must be locked. It doesn't matter if the actual download link, scan, or streaming video is at your personal journal. Everything must be locked. This includes past entries as well. LiveJournal now has a great new feature were you can easily find your old entries at a community. Go to the community main page and look at the navigation strip. Roll your mouse over "Sort by poster", which is located to the right of "kis_my_ft2", and type your username. Then you lock all your entries that needs to be locked.

You've got two weeks to do this; until the 18th of this month, in other words. If you haven't locked your entries by then they will be deleted. If you are for some reason unable to edit your entries in time, please contact me via PM as soon as possible and explain your situation and you will receive a one-week extension. If you are still unable to edit your entries they will be deleted. 

Next rule! Kisumai debuting obviously mean they're going to be releasing things. And of course we want you to actually buy their CDs and DVDs so they can be successful. Because let's face it; without us fans buying their stuff they're useless to the agency. And I don't think I need to tell you what the agency think of useless people. In order to encourage fans to buy their CDs and DVDs no uploading of official media is allowed before the Japanese release date. (This does not include dramas.) Any entries posted prior to that will immediately be deleted and the poster will receive a warning. And as you all know (since you're so good reading the community rules ♥); three strikes and you're out. 

And finally just a small note. The community Twitter account is on its way. Everything tends to slow down in summer so please try and be patient. You'll receive more details about this in a near future. 

Remember to join the community in order to have access to everything. You're already missing things out if you're not a member. ^__~

All right, that's all I had to say at the moment. Got anything you want to share? Drop me a comment and I'll see to it as soon as possible. 


EDIT: The mods can't lock your entries for you; that's why you've got to do it yourselves. So it's not because we're being lazy. :P
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