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[MASTERPOST] Kis-My-Ft2 Debut Tour 2011 goods & ticket sales/purchases

If you are interested in either buying or selling goods or tickets for Kisumai's summer tour, please comment on this entry. State in the subject line which offers you provide or seek. For example "Ticket buyer", "Goods preorders" etc. Trading is also acceptable. 

For those who are selling goods/taking preorders: If it's not already stated somewhere else, please write which items you're offering, and your payment deadline.

For those who are selling tickets: Please write the city, date, and time of the concert, as well as your payment deadline. 
For those who are looking to buy goods: Please write clearly which items you're seeking.
For those who are looking to buy tickets: Please write the city, date, and time of the concert(s) you'd like tickets for.
Negotiations are up to you. And serious buyers/sellers only. If someone's known for being dodgy, please inform a moderator through PM.
Remember to check this entry every now and then for updates in the comments. :) All sales posts outside this one will be deleted. 
And while we're on the subject of goods, I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you about two new tags. The first one is "photos: goods/magazines etc". It's for preview pictures of goods, magazines, shop photos, paparazzi photos, newspapers. Anything that can be bought, basically. The other one is "photos: other" and that's for photos of billboards, promo posters, train ads, fliers, JFC messages from the lads etc.
If you've got any questions about the tags, please send me a PM. Do not ask about it here since this entry is for selling/buying goods/tickets.
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