Jess (jess_yj) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

fansubbing recruitment for ikemen desu ne

Serenity Fansubs  is looking for a Japanese Translator and someone who knows Karaoke FX to help with their summer jdrama project, Ikemen desu ne.

We currently need another Translator to do the even episodes
so i was wondering if any Japanese Translators would be able to help

Japanese Translator Requirements: 
- Fluent in Japanese and English 
- Be in contact with the Project Coordinators
- Able to finish an episode within 3 days

Oh and we need someone who is able to do Karaoke FX as well
If you are able to do it then please help ^_^
Timing, Editing, QCing & Typesetting positions are filled however if you dont mind helping with other projects, feel free to apply too
QC and Typesetters are loved since we lack them.

If you are able to help please contact me ^_^
or post a comment and ill get back to you :)

If possible, could you please help spread the word to other communities too

thank you! 
- jessyj [co-founder/admin of serenityfs]
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