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[MOD] A reminder, a notice, and a Twitter account walked into a bar...

Hello dear members! As I wrote in a previous entry all posts dealing with downloads, scans, and streaming/online videos must be locked on Monday (18th). This includes entries you've made in the past as well. For information on how to easily find your old posts, please check that previous entry. I trust that all of you read these mod posts, so it's not my job to hunt down each and every one of you and ask if you've read and understood. So all entries that are still open on Monday night (Swedish time) will be deleted.

Moving on to the notice. Our dear mod luma_chan is currently on holiday, meaning ALL community related issues must be directed to either kira_shadow  or myself (sweetmilano90).

And now to the part where a lot of you will stop reading. I made a poll some weeks ago asking if Endless Road should have a Twitter account or not. The different opinions were very even but the side in favour of it won.

After some deliberation the mods decided that the account will be locked and only people who've read this entry will have access. The reason it's going to be locked is so we can link you to download posts and stuff like that. And with Twitter being so popular in Japan, we feel it's too risky to leave everything out in the open.

So how will this go down? The tweets will come from a moderator (moi) so you can trust everything that's being... tweeted. If I'm not sure of something, or it's still a rumour, I will of course let you know that it's not solid information. I've heard there is another Twitter account out there providing inaccurate/false information about Kisumai so stay away from that. ;) So yeah, I will use this to inform you about various things, as well as link you to relevant entries. And by relevant I mean mod posts, news, downloads and scans that most people would be interested in. Not fanfics and icons and stuff like that.

You can also use this account to send me questions. (However, if you've got a more complicated issue the best way to contact a moderator is through PM. You can't say much with 140 characters after all. Just make sure your account accepts PMs from everybody. Otherwise we can't get back to you.) It can be about Kisumai, the community, or whatever that springs to mind. While we want to keep this LJ community nice and clean, the Twitter account will be more open for randomness. Don't worry though; I most certainly will not spam you with personal stuff. Everything will be related to Kisumai and the community. But if you've got a question that might be too random to post about over here, tweeting me about it is a better option. And make sure you can see my retweets as well. ;)

You: "All right! All right! Just give us the bloody account!"

Yes! It's @LFTS_7. Here's how you get access:

1. Make sure you're signed in to your account and click on "Send follow request".

2. Choose one of the following:

A: If your tweets are public, send me (@sweetmilano90) a tweet saying Kis-My-Ft2 so I recognise your name and know you've read this.


B: Send me a PM here at LJ stating your Twitter account and Kis-My-Ft2 so I recognise your name and know you've read this.


C: Send an email saying Kis-My-Ft2 and your Twitter account to so I recognise your name and know you've read this.

Once you've completed the second step I'll accept your request. If you don't you won't get access to the account. Now if you misbehave over there I will block you. Just so you know. Keep your tweets to me related to Kisumai, the agency/management itself, the community etc, and I will do my best to provide you with an answer. Feel free to tip me off about news and information! I don't manage to read everything, and I don't sit in front of the computer 24/7 to catch all updates in real-time. Just make sure your source is legit.

If you've got friends who'd like to follow the account, please link them to this entry so they can read the rules and stuff.

Since it's summer holiday in most parts of the world my tweets may appear a bit sporadically now in the beginning. So please bear with me. ^__^;;

Aaand that's all I had to say. TTFN. ♥

EDIT: The community Twitter account is currently inactive as I am no longer a moderator.
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