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Sending flowers to 「笑っていいとも」 project

It was announced today that all of Kisumai will appear on 「笑っていいとも」 tomorrow. The Jr. FC sent FC members a mail asking us to send faxes or flowers to support Kisumai. I think it would be amazing to send a flower arrangement from Kisumai's foreign fans. If you would like to participate, please see the cut below.

The flower arrangement costs 15,750yen ( and the deadline to order is 5pm Japan time today. Obviously the more people who participate, the cheaper it will be. If you are 100% willing to pay up to 2,000yen to participate, please comment on this post. I will ask you to send the money to my PayPal account tonight once the final participant count it finalized.

sourangel PAID ^_^
weesachan PAID ^_^
talisa_ahn PAID ^_^
mousapelli PAID ^_^
snowqueenofhoth PAID ^_^
luma_chan PAID ^_^
dragonibuki PAID ^_^
mklia PAID ^_^
match1608 PAID ^_^
runpuri PAID ^_^
amhrancas PAID ^_^
citzera PAID ^_^
ayameko PAID ^_^
tokajiin PAID ^_^
shoonlove PAID ^_^
mbdancer8o8 PAID ^_^
kontrayen PAID ^_^
hitotsu_hana PAID ^_^
yararanger PAID ^_^
myxstorie PAID ^_^
flailinginlove PAID ^_^
elindar PAID ^_^
kira_shadow PAID ^_^
Hsuan-lu Alicia Ko PAID ^_^
risakochan PAID ^_^
shatteredtenshi PAID ^_^

If you have a suggestion for the sender's name which will be displayed on the message card with the flowers, please let me know!
Suggestions so far: Kis-My-Ft2の外国人ファン, 外国人もKis-My-Ft2が大好き!, Kis-My-Ft2の欧米ファン, 世界中からのファン

I will try to list the countries everyone who participates from on the name plate to be displayed with the flowers.

The deadline to have your country listed on the name plate is 4:15pm Japan time. This will give me time to submit the order and the flower shop to let me know if there are any changes that need to be made. If you would like to still contribute money to the project you can, your country's name will just not be listed on the name plate.

Update: 4:22pm The order has been sent and I'm hoping it will go through smoothly. I will calculate the final total and let people know how much to send later tonight. A total of 8 countries will be listed on the name plate. ^_^

Update: 9pm I've closed the project. A total of 27 participated! Thank you all so much. I honestly didn't expect to have half this amount of people participate. I hope the flowers reach the studio successfully and the boys can see them. ^_^ I'll be sending out invoices now to the participants.

The total including handing fee from the florist was 16,275yen. I divided by 27 participants and then calculated the PayPal fee (3.6%+40yen) and added that on for a total of 665yen per person. If there is somehow any extra money after everyone sends their payments it will be donated to Marching J at one of the upcoming Kisumai concerts. ^_^

Update 11pm I found out how to send a telegram to the show with a message so I sent one. It was a bit expensive (2,500yen for a plain one), but I hope it will reach the boys safely. I just wrote a simple message on it and signed it again with all of our countries. If anyone wants to contribute money towards paying for it, feel free, otherwise I will just shoulder the cost of it. ^^

Update 7/22 11am Received an e-mail from the florist that the flowers successfully arrived at Studio Alta this morning at 10am! Looking forward to the broadcast. Japanese fans sent flowers with each member's letter spelled in their color on it and all of Kisumai's parents also sent flowers together.

Update 7/22 11:30am Thank you so much to everyone who has sent the payment so quickly. I've received a total of 17 payments but have only marked 15 people as having paid. If you didn't include your LJ user name in the payment remarks or comment saying you had paid, I have no way of knowing who you are. ^^;; Please leave a comment or PM me if you have paid but I haven't marked it yet. Thanks!

Update 7/22 8pm I'll be in Hiroshima tomorrow and Sunday for Kisumai's concerts so I won't be able to update this post. I'll update again with details of who paid on Monday. ^^

Update 7/26 Updated the payment list, almost everyone has paid! Thanks again for your cooperation.

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