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Kis-My-Ft2 - Popolo January and March 2011

Two translations.

Popolo January 2011. Members imagine what would their ideal way of meeting a girl would be and how their relationship might develop from there from what the girl wears to first date to a proper confession. Recent news column also included.

( We'd go to a farm and milk a cow's milk, then eat ice cream made by that milk. If we eat cold ice cream in the middle of winter, it'd be an unforgettable memory. )

Popolo March 2011. With the word 'first' as the theme, members talk about the day they were born, an memorable experience of a first time, as well as the first time they received a fan letter. Instead of a recent news column, they have a 'first-time' column instead.

( It seemed that when my parents were eating crabs at home, my mother got her labour pains and they went to the hospital. )
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