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Kis-My-Ft2 - Popolo May, June, and July 2011

Three translations from Popolo.

May 2011. Members gets asked five different questions based on relationships and how they might interact with the girl they like. See how each member's answers differ from the others. Also include recent news column.

( You have nostril hairs sticking out! )

June 2011. Members get together and discuss three topics in relation to love - when do guys start considering a female friend as someone who might become their girlfriend, from where does cheating start, and the difference between koi and ai. Includes two columns, the usual recent news one and one about love.

( It's fine to meet with guy friends, but if she meets them and hides the fact, then that's suspicious! )

July 2011. Members talk about their own views on love, such as how they think love should be. Includes recent news column.

( My image of love is white. To have faith in each other and not have any secrets is an ideal relationship )
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