Camilla (sweetmilano90) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

Because it's the 10th like everywhere now, I bring you...

The Kis-My-Ft2
friending meme of
scintillating euphoria

Or; YOU! It's time to stop lurking and introduce yourself!

❀ Shaking and crying because Kisumai’s finally debuting today after all. these. years. as juniors?
❀ In-the-closet fan ready to come out and join us in the world of roller-skates, rainbows* and bunnies**?
❀ Eager to find out who the four mysterious men in black you keep spotting in the background of every performance are?
❀ Desperate for yet another excuse to flail over the fact that Johnny practically went "To hell with all agency standards! I said Showa's old and useless, but YOUtachi are simply too awesome to remain juniors!"? 
❀ Tama-chan. Enough said.
❀ Found yourself getting all nostalgic and wants to share precious fandom memories with other people? 
❀ Don't want to be the forever alone Kisumai fan in your LJ friend-circle any more?  

* = Disclaimer: Not the same rainbows we're used to seeing around Arashi or Kanjani8 etc as the colour order is different. :P Kisumai's was created in 2008 by our very own Mr Fujigaya. Check the profile page for more info on that.
** = Yes, the bunnies have become something absolutely essential in Kisumai fandom over the years. Diss the bunnies and you make Nikaido cry. So go and learn more about them~

Rejoice; for you are not alone! Grab your roller-skates and join the Kisumai Generation™ (by Senga Kento), destined to a fate of epic proportions. I mean, how many times has Johnny eaten his words? 8D

Just mind a couple of rules;
♔ Do not make huge walls of pictures and/or gifs. They’re annoying to scroll through and a real hell for people with a slow internet connection. 

Comments breaking these rules will be deleted. Big Brother The mods are watching you~ ♥

Now you can do this in whatever manner you'd like. Flail like there's no tomorrow! (Though there is! :D) But for those who need an ice-breaker or a push in the right direction I’ve made a form that you can fill out. Just copy the text in the scrollbox. Note there's some "<br>"s in there that I just can't seem to get rid of. Remove them yourselves when making your comment. m(_ _)m

Help us spread the word about this friending meme (and the community's existence, lol). If you want to advertise this on other communities, please make sure you first read their rules about memes if it's okay or not. 

And don't forget to join kis_my_ft2 as all the good stuff are only available to the members. Remember to read the rules and check the sidebar before posting anything. If you break the rules the mods will huff and puff and get very annoying. And add the comm on Twitter as well! For more information on that, please click here. And now without further ado; HAVE FUN!!!
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