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You're officially an adult today. But still no drinking in the park XD I wish you all the best and luck in the entertainment world and real life. I hope you stay genki and talented. Please make us happy with your beautiful voice and smile. Please make us cry with your drama acting skills and snake monomanes. Please make our jaw drop with your sexy hip thrusting and english skills that include HELP. I will continue to support you and Kisumai until the day you guys grow old and slip on your skates, until hiro's nasal voice turn into a wheezing one, until senga and nika grow tired of freestyling solo, until miyata will make his first real funny joke, until tama weighs 500 lbs, until yokoo admits hirosuke is the real thing. LOL Ok it's still forever. XDDDDDDD

kiss me,

*Chibi Sato Shin drawn by darapi for me
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