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Marching-J special video

So for those who are not yet aware, last night Johnnys-net put up a bunch of videos to raise money for their Marching-J project - remember, the fundraiser to generate support for victims of the disaster in February. There are videos for a bunch of people, including kisumai (of course)~

Click here to access the Marching-J special video area on your computer,

or just skip to johnnys-web.com on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Obviously, it's a fundraising effort so you need to pay for it (315円) and to clarify (since I was asked this on twitter): yes you still need to pay even if you've paid for jweb access; that's a totally different thing.

If you need a tutorial, here's one!

note: It should go without saying that ripping/reposting the videos is absolutely prohibited and somewhat defeats the point of them existing to raise money for charity.
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